Saturday, November 9, 2013

Race Season Is Over

I know I haven't published my BAA Half Race Recap yet.  Short version: It's uphill form Mile 7, I trained for flat Zooma, iPhone died at mile 12.5 along with my motivation. I finished, but it wasn't pretty.  I'll tell the funny stories later.

Three or so weeks ago, Michelle mentioned she's doing the Frosty Half on Dec 8th.  It's a new race, includes a pancake breakfast and "unique race swag".  The course is a little hillier than what I'm used to (see comment above re: Mile 7-13 at BAA) but it's rolling hills and the race is 2 days before my birthday.  Awesome, right?

I needed to check the family calendar before I signed up, so I figured I'd wait until my next long run was done too.  So 2 weeks ago, I head out to do 7 miles.  It was painful.  It was 2 weeks after the BAA, I wasn't fueled, it just wasn't my day.  Didn't sign up yet.  Last week, I went out for 10 miles.  My hip had been bugging me.  I've had on again off again IT band issues.  They were on again.  I made it just about 2 miles before I called my mom in tears, while I walked home the last mile.  It took 3 days to work it out. Haven't signed up yet.

So today, I set the alarm for 6 am and I was planning on doing 10 miles.  I don't want to. Not signing up.

It's not that I don't want to ever run again, I do.  I still run my 3 quiet miles on Monday along the Charles, and my 3 chatty miles on Wednesday with Sarah.  I even signed up for bootcamp on Tuesdays and really want to try the Trampoline Aerobics class on Fridays.  But I just don't want to run long right now.

I'm tired

I would love to run the race with Trish, Maria and Michelle.  I just don't want to run for two and a half hours.  When I finished BAA, it was my last planned race for the season, and part of me was happy.  I think I'm just done until spring.

I just pulled up my 2013 Running Goals. I mostly hit #1 of 3 runs per week (I've had weeks with 2 runs, I've had weeks with 4… just need to do the math), I hit #2 of 3 miles per run (it's hard to do a run from my gym under 3 miles) and #3 1-2 halves (finished 2!) and I'm at 391 miles of 500 miles for #4.  I was using the Half to hit 500 miles (I needed 13 miles per week, it's at about 15.5 now).  Last year, I ran just about 350 miles.  I'm still planning on 6 miles a week, which will put me around 430-440 ish.

I need to stop feeling like I'm disappointing someone.  There's nothing wrong with not wanting to run 10 miles at 6 am on a Saturday.  There's nothing wrong with only doing two half marathons in a year.  Yeah, I'm not going to meet my goal of running 500 miles this year, but I did run 100 more miles than last year.

Right now, I'm going to get a cup of coffee, grab my book and relax.  After the weekend, I'll throw on my winter gear and go visit my friend Charles.  He's quiet and lets me run as much or as little as I want.

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