Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Treadmill vs Slush

It's been a while.  Last time I posted, I committed to running 3 days a week, 3 miles a day at a minimum.  Yeah... confession time... didn't happen this month. I think part of it is the fact I'm working from home on Fridays, so I'm not in Cambridge, where the sidewalks are (relatively) plowed.  It makes it a little harder to do the MWF running routine.  I did manage TWO (2) days a week and 3 miles a day.  And I ran on the Dreaded Treadmill when it was 11 degrees outside.  The 5K program wasn't too boring, and I found that a 2% incline is actually easier for me run on than a 0%.  But my hips were still cranky. And I really don't like the showers at the gym.

I did manage to get back outside today.  It was 38 degrees, windy and slushy! I know New Balance is paying to keep the Charles River Path cleared, but, man, they are NOT getting their money's worth! One person wide path on the downhill side, so its filled with puddles, with slush and packed snow on the rest of it.  But I did manage to get my sloggy 3 miles in, and the Darn Tough socks handled the water nicely, although it would have been nice if I had a pair designed to cover my ankle bones!

But, I did do a few good running like things! One goal is to run at least 1, if not 2 half marathons this year.  Well, I've paid for 2 already!  I'm registered for the Zooma Cape Cod Half in September.  They've got a new program, where if you get a PR or run a new distance, you get some extra bling (check it out here!)  I've registered my half PR, which just so happens to be last year's Zooma!  I'm counting on it being a lucky course (and they're making it better, so it's going to just improve the luck), and I'm aiming to come home with a New Shiny!

Plus, thanks to Michelle over at Running With Attitude, and a few coworkers, I've registered for the BAA Distance Medley.  It's a 5K in April, a 10K in June and a Half in October.  You get a medal for each completed race, and a 4th medal for doing all 4.  Plus, I should get at least one kick-ass BAA Unicorn logo shirt.  I'll probably never run Boston (heck, I'll probably never run 26.2!), but I really love the BAA shirts.  And, I've kinda always had a thing for Unicorns...

So, here's to the short month of February: to it being at least 25 degrees at 6 am, to the snow not falling on the sidewalks and to me, getting out of bed early, just one more day a week!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Not a Resolution

Yeah, I know, it's been a while. I haven't really written about running for a good reason. I haven't really been running.  Since the Zooma Cape Cod Half, I put in about 13-15 miles.  Yes, I ran in ONE day the same miles as the 3 months since.  And yes, I'm very embarrassed.  But, part of it is OK too. I took some time off for legit reasons: post race, injured toe, the flu (2 days of 102+ fever! then a good week recovery till I could stand up with coughing).

But there were the less than legit reasons, like "I'm tired today"or, "It's 6 degrees on Jan 2. I'm not going to the gym I haven't gone to since the spring to run on the treadmill. Everyone there will think I'm a New Year's Resolution Person".  Made total sense at 4am.

When I found myself avoiding twitter, because I follow so many runners, I noticed.  When I weighed myself, I really noticed.  I had all but stopped running.  Sure, getting up early on a few Mondays and getting through a slow 30 minutes was keeping me from being totally sedentary, but I wasn't feeling fit or healthy.

I mentioned this before: I'm the type of person who needs goals. I need a race to aim for and train to.  Sept 29th is a bit far off, and I haven't really found anything sooner that fits my family's schedule. So, I made a goal.  Technically, it's 4 goals. I'm not calling it a resolution, because, well, they never make it to February.  So, without further ado:

Nicole's 2013 Running Goals

  1. Run at least 3 days a week
  2. Go at least 3 miles per run
  3. Run at least 1 half marathon (aiming for 2)
  4. Run at least 500 miles this year
Ok, I know you're looking at goal 4 and you're very confused.  If I'm running 1-2 halves, that should be easy, heck, I should have passed that during last year.  Nope. Didn't really come close, actually.  I ran Princess in Feb, and Zooma in Sept, plus a bunch of 5Ks (both virtual and "real").  I hit 350 miles. So this year, I figure I can average 10 miles a week, instead of the 7 (yes, I'm using 50 weeks per year. I'm assuming I'm going to miss at least 1 week for vacation, and 1 week buffer).  My minimum won't get me there, but it'll get me 90% of the way (hey, literally!).

I decided this over the weekend. I got up Monday, I ran 3.07 miles in 38:35. I got up this morning and ran it in 37:30.  I'm getting up tomorrow, and I'm running it.  

I'm a little nervous about the days when its below 25 in the morning. At what temperature do I get on the treadmill in the little gym with the icky showers?  The extended forecast is calling for single digits in 2 weeks.  I don't think I own enough clothing to go running in single digits!