Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Running

So I kind of had a drive by post the other day, so I figured I’d come back and will in some details.
First off, if you are considering registering for Zooma CapeCod, do it NOW! They’re filling up (first time in the 3 years I’ve run it that I’ve seen it get this full), so hurry before you’re closed out.  CCAMB1 will still get you 10% off!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Quiet Summer...

Sorry, it's been a quiet summer for me so far!  Here's my quick update:

I still am feeling the effects of my winter running sabbatical.  Running is so hard again! The humidity isn't helping, I know! but still, it's sooooo hard....

But, I'm up and moving.  I'm trying to make my Monday run a 4.5 mile loop instead of my 3.3ish one.  Plus, I'm officially at the leading edge of my Zooma Half Marathon training. (Hurry and sign up if you haven't yet, it's 95% filled already! Use CCAMB1 to get 10% off!)  Which means that I actually have to get up on Friday, Saturday or Sunday and log some actual miles.  I did it the last 2 weekends, 3 makes it a trend, I'll let you know on Monday!

Plus, it's time for the annual Tour De Common in Rindge, NH.  I'm hoping for a repeat of my 3rd place in my age group! Pete, my oldest is too old for the kid's fun run, so both the boys are doing the very hilly (300 ft climb!) 5K.  My sister is being *awesome* and running her first 5K too! You know how I was talking about how it's hard to tell who's motivating who?  Well, add my sister to that list.

Ok, on that note, I'm going to sign off.  More later on my love/hate of my fitbit and other fun summer stuff.