Saturday, March 1, 2014

Zooma Ambassador Again! and Who's Motivating Who?

It's been a while, like 4 months.  First off, let's start with the good stuff, for the 2nd year in a row, I'm a ZOOMA Cape Cod Ambassador!
Isn't she pretty?

Discount code will be available by mid month.  They're trying to get the ambassadors more involved this year.  The first is a Photo A Day contest on Facebook and Instragram.  Check out #ZOOMAPhotoADay.  And keep looking for more ZOOMA related info from me between now and September 27th!

Now, on to the 4 month delay.  To put it bluntly, this winter SUCKED!  Back in October, I was really disheartened about running.  Then the weather hit, and I don't have the gear for below 25F or for snow up to my knees.  The storms or subzero temperatures tended to hit on Wednesdays, which canceled my standing runs with Sarah.  And the work gym finally opened up, which should have been a good thing, but it meant that instead of having a small locker room all to myself, I was in a medium sized locker room that was pretty much at capacity.  So, instead, I curled up on the couch.  I've run 40 miles since the BAA Half, 4 months ago.  You can do the math on my average monthly mileage, it's pretty dismal.

Twice this fall/winter, I've been humbled by my friends.  I've had friends tell me that they've taken up running or gone back to running because of *my* running posts, pictures and comments.  Both times, I was shocked, especially since it came at a time when my monthly mileage is less than what I used to run on a single Saturday morning.

I realized I had a choice.  I could ignore my friends and continue to be a Blerch (to borrow The Oatmeal's term).  Or I could emulate them and get back on my feet.  I could just go for one more run this week than last week.  I can tell myself to just start the run, and say it's OK to get off the treadmill at 30 minutes (knowing full well I won't stop until I'm at a whole number for the mileage).

When I started running, I did it for me, to get healthy.  I never thought others would look to me for inspiration, and I never thought they would be so inspiring to me at a time when running and I were not seeing eye to eye.

So, where does that leave us?  Hopefully, the mushy stuff and the frustrations over last year are gone. (Don't worry, I still love ya, I just won't be all mushy about it).  It's time to start looking towards Race Season 2014!  I've got a St. Paddy's Day 5K with my newest running buddy Martha in 2 weeks and I need to bust out the green.


  1. Great post, Nicole!! I find that having really small goals that are attainable can sometimes be less frustrating - like, I will get on the treadmill for 10 minutes and if I still hate it, then I can stop (you probably will want to keep going though ;)).

    This winter has been AWFUL for running though....spring is going to be such a wonderful time.

  2. :) :) :)
    I can't wait to run outside!!!!

    1. It'll warm up in time for the race, right? I'm hoping it'll still be cool enough so I can wear my rainbow race legs and my long sleeve green shirt :)

  3. Im so happy to have warm weather again! I kind of hibernated, or well my running shoes did this winter, and I am glad that have come out to play!