Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Not a Resolution

Yeah, I know, it's been a while. I haven't really written about running for a good reason. I haven't really been running.  Since the Zooma Cape Cod Half, I put in about 13-15 miles.  Yes, I ran in ONE day the same miles as the 3 months since.  And yes, I'm very embarrassed.  But, part of it is OK too. I took some time off for legit reasons: post race, injured toe, the flu (2 days of 102+ fever! then a good week recovery till I could stand up with coughing).

But there were the less than legit reasons, like "I'm tired today"or, "It's 6 degrees on Jan 2. I'm not going to the gym I haven't gone to since the spring to run on the treadmill. Everyone there will think I'm a New Year's Resolution Person".  Made total sense at 4am.

When I found myself avoiding twitter, because I follow so many runners, I noticed.  When I weighed myself, I really noticed.  I had all but stopped running.  Sure, getting up early on a few Mondays and getting through a slow 30 minutes was keeping me from being totally sedentary, but I wasn't feeling fit or healthy.

I mentioned this before: I'm the type of person who needs goals. I need a race to aim for and train to.  Sept 29th is a bit far off, and I haven't really found anything sooner that fits my family's schedule. So, I made a goal.  Technically, it's 4 goals. I'm not calling it a resolution, because, well, they never make it to February.  So, without further ado:

Nicole's 2013 Running Goals

  1. Run at least 3 days a week
  2. Go at least 3 miles per run
  3. Run at least 1 half marathon (aiming for 2)
  4. Run at least 500 miles this year
Ok, I know you're looking at goal 4 and you're very confused.  If I'm running 1-2 halves, that should be easy, heck, I should have passed that during last year.  Nope. Didn't really come close, actually.  I ran Princess in Feb, and Zooma in Sept, plus a bunch of 5Ks (both virtual and "real").  I hit 350 miles. So this year, I figure I can average 10 miles a week, instead of the 7 (yes, I'm using 50 weeks per year. I'm assuming I'm going to miss at least 1 week for vacation, and 1 week buffer).  My minimum won't get me there, but it'll get me 90% of the way (hey, literally!).

I decided this over the weekend. I got up Monday, I ran 3.07 miles in 38:35. I got up this morning and ran it in 37:30.  I'm getting up tomorrow, and I'm running it.  

I'm a little nervous about the days when its below 25 in the morning. At what temperature do I get on the treadmill in the little gym with the icky showers?  The extended forecast is calling for single digits in 2 weeks.  I don't think I own enough clothing to go running in single digits!

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