Friday, June 21, 2013

Two very different races...

I ran the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge last night and the Special Olympics Summer 5K at lunch today.  I throughly enjoyed both races, but they couldn't have been more different!

Corporate Challenge
I honestly have a love/hate relationship with this race.  It's 12,000 runners and walkers (Oh my, there are walkers!!!).  12,000 people.  It starts at Boston Common, goes down Comm Ave to Kenmore Square, then you turn around and head back to the Common for a flat 3.5 mile round trip.  For comparison's sake, the BAA 10K has roughly the same course from the start and to the finish (with an extra 2.7 miles in between) and they cap the race at 6500.  About half of the mass of bodies during the Corporate Challenge.  A walking coworker took this picture under the Mass Ave Bridge

The Mass Ave Underpass. Runners on the return route, walkers heading out to Kenmore. To give you an idea, the woman in bib 2126 finished in 45:32, so it's not as crowded as it was when the 35 min finishers were heading out to Kenmore. Also, check out the snazzy Biogen Idec shirt!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

3.10686 miles!

There's got to be few more annoying people at fun runs than the "data junkies". Like me.

This year, my family (me, hubby and my boys: 8 and 6) ran our second Color Fun Run.  We ran a Color Me Rad last year, and the inaugural Splash of Color this year.  If you check out my review from last year, you'll see it was, well... not a precision machine.  I thought it was just that "brand" of race, but it seems to be all of these untimed fun runs.

A few things that got to me this year:

Friday, June 7, 2013

More than I planned - 2013 Race Schedule

Yeah, I know the year's half over already, but, it's New England! The "running year" goes from April to October.  So I'm only a few months late ;)

I didn't realize how many races I had already (or plan to) signed up for until I "applied" to be a Runbassador for #RunChat (ok, it's not an application, it's a form to get free #RunChat tattoos and stickers!) and they ask you to list all your races.  And I forgot about the Corporate Challenge!  Here's my 2013 Schedule, even with finishing times! And I'll come back and update them as I finish them.