Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Running

So I kind of had a drive by post the other day, so I figured I’d come back and will in some details.
First off, if you are considering registering for Zooma CapeCod, do it NOW! They’re filling up (first time in the 3 years I’ve run it that I’ve seen it get this full), so hurry before you’re closed out.  CCAMB1 will still get you 10% off!

I kicked off my Zooma training a couple of weeks ago.  I’m running the half, it’ll be my 3rd Zooma, 5th overall.  Last year, I PR’d but this year I’m not feeling it.  I really slowed down over the winter (it was a COLD one) plus I gained a little weight, which has clung to me even in the warmer weather.  I’m slower than last year.  Plus, it’s just emotionally hard for me to go running.  I’m not sure why.  Part of it is I’m going to bed later (I’ve rediscovered reading) so I’m more tired in the mornings.  Maybe my mom’s right and I just need to take my vitamins (I know, I know...) or maybe I didn’t sign up for enough races to keep me focused on “being trained” instead of “getting trained”.

Anyway, I thought maybe if I focused on good stuff, it’ll help pull me out of my funk…

I’m still running every week with Sarah.  Wednesday mornings, we meet at 6am and get about 3 miles in along the Charles.  The past 2 weeks, we’ve both said the same thing when we met “if it wasn’t for you, I would have slept in”.  

I did an 8 mile run last week.  My pace was in the 13’s and my slowest 6-10 mile run as tracked by RunKeeper (need to focus on the good…).  Good: I ran 8 miles.   

I’m signed up for a 10K this weekend, the ever hill Tour De Common in Rindge, NH.  I mentioned we’ve turned this into a family affair, with my two boys, sister and brother-in-law running the 5K, my 2 year old niece running the kids’ race and Hubby and I doing the 10K.  My parents and 1 year old nephew get to watch us.  I’m a little nervous, since I won’t be running with my boys, but it’s a small race, so I’m sure they’ll be fine! And it’s my sister’s first race ever!  I’m so proud of her :)

Ok, I'm off to update RunKeeper with my new sneakers (yes, I track the mileage). More after the 10K on Saturday!

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