Monday, March 25, 2013

Run Chat Hunt

Not sure if you've heard, but Run Chat is doing a scavenger hunt until the end of March.  I thought it would be fun to see how many of these I could get.  I managed to get to 5 photos already for 6 items, which is more than I expected!

Here we go, in the order I found them.

Day 1: It was just too darn windy for me to run outside (wind chill in the TEENS in March!), so I hit the treadmill.  Fortunately, my gym has the treadmills in a little green house overlooking a canal off the Charles River.  As you can see, my phone focused on the windows!  I didn't realize until today that I got a shot of the drawbridge at the end of the canal too.  So, that's 2 items: body of water and bridge (not covered)
Yes, I'm wearing an orange shirt.  How could you tell? :)
Then yesterday, I went out for a run around my neighborhood.  I took a picture of my "big hill".  I swear, they never look as bad in pictures!
It keeps going around that curve.
Of course, halfway up I saw a bunch of kids playing, including one of my scouts.  Now, you can't look weak in front of your scouts, so I had to power up the hill.  Which made it even more obvious I've been running on flat terrain recently!

Then I got back to my house, and guess what I saw! Of course, a car (in serious need of being washed) with running stickers.
Yep, that's my filthy car!
When I got inside my boys wanted to run around the block with me.  So, out we go and look what we find! I had already run past this house and didn't notice that all of the Christmas decorations were still up.  The 5 year old wondered if the Easter Bunny was going to be upset :)
Complete with red bows, white metal snowman and reindeer pulling a sleigh!
Then, my 5th photo.  I'll be honest: normally I love running along the Charles and I had every intention of taking another Boston Skyline at Sunrise photo.  It's flat, beautiful, well maintained and relatively safe.  But yesterday, running in the sunshine with my 2 boys, well, it was just pure joy!  I stopped and took this picture:
My Munchkins, on the first leg of our 1 mile run
Now, I realize it's technically not a place, but this was one of my favorite runs (the others being Color Me Rad Race that the whole family ran, and when my boys ran the last bit of a 5K with me that I came in last for my age group).  My favorite place to run is where ever these two decide to go for a run with Mommy.

I've got 6 of the items on the list, which is more than I was expecting.  I'll keep a look out for the remaining four, but I'm not terribly optimistic!  I really enjoyed this, it made me really look and absorb what's around me.

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