Saturday, March 2, 2013

Engineers Can't Count?

In my professional life, I'm an engineer.  I do lots of things with Math and lots of things with Schedules.   And I think I'm doing pretty darn well as an engineer.  So, you would think I could do some simple math and scheduling for my running life, right?  Yeah, not so much.

Back in January, I signed up for the BAA distance challenge.  It's a 5K, 10K and Half spread out from Spring (5K) to Fall (Half), and you get a personalize bib plus a bonus medal when you complete all 3 races.  I've been (to borrow a word from Another Mother Runner) "sputtering".  In Jan, I had more than doubled my December mileage (whoo!) but Feb was tough with the blizzard and my credit card expiring so I no longer have access to the gym (I did mention, I'm good with schedules, right?)

So I get an email from Dimity and Sarah about the AMR Virtual 5K on Mother's Day, with the "Finish It 5K" training plan starting on Monday March 4th.  Ok, great!  I can do this, get back into the swing of things.  I grab my iPhone and Kindle (one for the calendar, one for the plan) and start working out the 5-6 workouts per week I'll need (HINT: I'm scheduling 5, but it's one of the cross-training I'm bailing on. I just can't get up to 6/week!  I know it's mental, but hey, at least I'll be meeting my goal of 5).

And that's when I saw it.  The first Sunday of April Vacation.  The day before the Boston Marathon.  There, with the little red dot to designate "Family Activities".  April 14th 6:30 am - 9 am BAA 5K in Copley.  How are they pulling off 2 races in 2 days? Are they crazy?!

Wait. CRAP!  That's 1, 2, 3, 5, 6! 6 Weeks away!  It's a 5K.  I'm slow.  Ok, breathe, Nic, breathe.  You're doing 3 miles in a run now.  It's slow, but you're doing it.  Ok.  I can do this. The finish time will start with "3", but I can do this.

Wait! School Vacation.  DOUBLE CRAP! The couch!  We're supposed to be getting our living room, hallway and the boys' room floors redone that weekend.  I'm supposed to be with the boys at my Mother's house which is TWO hours away from BOSTON.  Ok, we can schedule this (because I've been so good about scheduling running related activities so far!)

Wait, when's the 10K.  June, ok, June is good.  That's 10 weeks after the 5K. Well, BAA really planned this well!  TLAM10K will kick off immediately after the 5K.  Ok, good.

So, my grand plan is:

  • Kick off TLAM 5K Finish It on Monday, as part of the Virtual AMR 5K.  I will modify it a bit, instead of planning walk/runs, I'm doing my regular Run and take my 15 sec walk breaks as needed.
  • Move Old Couch downstairs without getting injured or dropping the couch on Hubby
  • On Week 5 of TLAM 5K Run the BAA 5K
  • Kick off TLAM 10K (not sure if I'm aiming for Finish It or Own It... I've got 5 weeks to decide....said the "expert" scheduler...)
  • Admire my new beautiful living room with FLOOR SPACE
  • Run the Virtual AMR 5K Mother's Day Weekend (and the PawSox camp out ISN'T on Mother's Day this year! YES!)
  • BAA 10K in June
  • Maybe 5K by my mom's in August (hilly and humid, it's a great combo!)
  • Zooma Cape Cod September
  • BAA Half Columbus Day Weekend


  1. You have so got this, Nic!! I think this time of year is tough with weather and scheduling. And if you are running 3 miles now, yeah, you could go out and race the 5k today. :)


    1. Thanks Amy! Great to hear from you! :) I spoke with my mom, if I am at her house that weekend, she'll drive down to Boston me with to be my cheering squad! :)