Friday, June 7, 2013

More than I planned - 2013 Race Schedule

Yeah, I know the year's half over already, but, it's New England! The "running year" goes from April to October.  So I'm only a few months late ;)

I didn't realize how many races I had already (or plan to) signed up for until I "applied" to be a Runbassador for #RunChat (ok, it's not an application, it's a form to get free #RunChat tattoos and stickers!) and they ask you to list all your races.  And I forgot about the Corporate Challenge!  Here's my 2013 Schedule, even with finishing times! And I'll come back and update them as I finish them.

Quick Note: I didn't include Virtual Races.  As much as I love Anywhere 5K and the BAMR 5K, it just doesn't have the same "race feel"

April 14: BAA 5K 32:46 [Note: Cool Runnings and Athlinks have this as 38:34, which is my gun time, not my net time.  Yes, it took 6 minutes for me to get to the starting line at a 5K!]
April 27: AMSA 5K 33:44

June 9: Splash of Color 5K: This is going to be a slow race, I'm running it with my boys :)
June 20: JP Morgan Corporate Challenge (3.5 miles)
June 21: Summer Friday 5K benefitting Special Olympics
June 23: BAA 10K

Aug 3: Rindge Tour De Common 5K or 10K (I kind of want to do the 10K, it's the first year for the longer distance!)*

Sept 28: Zooma Cape Cod Half Marathon [psst! Want 10% off! Use CCAMB6 at checkout!]

Oct 13: BAA Half Marathon

*Still need to sign up!

Ok, that one weekend in June is looking a little crazy!  I'm also thinking about running the Hopkington to Framingham group leg of the One Run for Boston on June 30th starting at 3:15pm, but we're camping out with the scouts the night before... Maybe if I promise my boys Kelly's Roast Beef for dinner, they'll pick me up in Framingham!

I'll update this post as I add more races and add finish times.

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